Karen DeBonis: Writer, gardener, introvert, napper, world-adventurer wannabe, listener, old-house putterer, seeker of well-being, achiever of dreams.

You’re an early bird! TheWellNestedLife.com is still under construction, but I’m so glad you are here. I envision this site as a place for dreamers, nurturers, introverts like myself, extroverts like many of you, and other homebodies who feel most at home … at home.

A WellNested Life is a place … regardless of how large or small, simple or fancy, worn or fresh, that cradles you in contentment, comfort, and beauty.

A WellNested Life is a feeling … that you are secure and cocooned, that your passions, talents, needs, and desires are honored and celebrated, that you are firmly grounded so your dreams can take flight.

TheWellNestedLife.com is home to your flock … kindred souls on a path to becoming and staying WellNested.

Personally, I need to have lots of quiet time at home to recharge my body and spirit in order to shine when I walk out the door. I need to protect my energy reserves in order to take on the world. How I stay WellNested is by writing (aka avoiding housework), puttering around and fixing up my old house, meditating (aka napping), reading by the library-cartful, and serving a nightly smorgasbord to deer and other critters in my yard (aka gardening). I’ll be blogging about all of this and more. If you want to cultivate your WellNested Life, this is the place to connect. And you can do it without ever needing to leave home.

I’ll be launching my weekly blog very soon. Please sign up in the Subscribe box to receive my posts! Also, I recently published (in a private newsletter) my Top 5 Maxims for Well-being. When you sign up, I’ll send them to you!